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The History of The Bay House

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Originally built in 1937, the building that is The Bay House has always been a restaurant. We will be adding more detailed information soon as we are beginning research for a combination Historical Reference/Cook Book that we hope to publish some point in the future. If you have significant historical information about this building or the restaurants that have occupied it, we'd love to talk to you!


Briefly, though, as I understand it, David Herring purchased the building and invented The Bay House in 1978. Prior to that, he was a staff member in The Gourmet Room at Salishan Lodge, and the building was called Marietta's. In a relatively short time, David established the restaurant as a first-class dinner house. In 1985, he added a new dining room to accommodate the growing popularity.


Though I'm not yet certain of the exact date, Les Buckner was the next proprietor, taking over in 1984 or 1985. In 1993, the property was sold to Jim and Molly Bourne, and a major renovation was started. It was during this project that the second dining room was added.


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The Bourne's daughter, Leslie and her former husband, Dennis Dressel operated the restaurant together for 5 years. In 1998, Leslie became the sole Proprietress, and remained so until December, 2005 when her folks sold the property.


JD and Maria Boyd began negotiations to purchase The Bay House earlier that year, and by December, the sale was complete. Prior to taking ownership, they leased the operation to the current proprietor, me, Stephen Wilson.!


During lease negotiations, the Boyds and I had agreed that a Wine Bar/Cocktail Lounge would be a welcome addition to the restaurant, and the planning and permitting process began in early 2006. Following 16 months of preliminary work, ground was broken in May of 2007, and on December 17th, the history of The Bay House took another monumental step. The space is rich and comfortable, the view is truly spectacular, and we're all excited for you to see it.


Now we find ourselves in 2010, better-equipped than ever to demonstrate our level of hospitality and our ability create unique and wonderful experiences for our guests. I invite you to join us so we can share The Bay House with you!


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