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The Bay House has been the site of many wonderful events and celebrations over the years. Our guests share their stories with us everyday, so we thought you might like to post a fond memory for others to enjoy!


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John S. 10-25-2009

Just a short note to let you and your staff know how much Pat and I enjoy planning a vacation around an evening of fine dining at the Bay House. Needless to say our table was the best in the house and Jacquelyn did an excellent job of making sure that we were appropriately taken care of all evening. Delano too time to also come over and say hi and it was great to see him, also Mac came by to make sure we had the wine that we requested and was his usual great self. The menu was to dream about and once we had decided on our entree it was served and was also to dream about. We shared a crab cocktail and then each of us had salad and Pat had the prawns and I had the venison, both excellent. At the close of the evening Sean McCart, the executive chef came by to see how we enjoyed our dinner. I consider it very professional when an executive chef is willing to come out and see how the evening of fine dining was enjoyed, my hat off to Sean!

Kristen S. 7-29-2009

I work in customer service and know how often complaints are heard. Good news can seem few and far between. I wanted to let everyone know that we had a wonderful lunch today. We eat out a lot (perhaps too much). My expectations can be a bit high sometimes. Your place didn't let me down at all. The food was good. The waitstaff was attentive and NICE. The view couldn't be beat. This was our last day of vacation and our last meal at the coast. It was the perfect ending to a really nice vacation. Thank You all!!

Carol L. 7-29-2009

Dear Steve,

Thank you for a wonderful dinner and the service was fabulous and the entire staff was so kind. I would never take a trip to the coast again without dining at the Bay House.

John S. 3-15-2009

Once again Steve and his staff demonstrated their professional touches by presenting Pat and I with an exquisite evening of fine evening of fine dining. Twice a year we make the trip from the Tri-Cities in Washington to enjoy the best seafood dining on the west coast and we were not disappointed. For the past many years (I beleive that is about 27 years) we have and will continue to enjoy fine dining at the Bay House. Our hats go off to all involved- Mac, Jacquelyn, Matt, Kevin, and of courese, our host Steve.

Beth S. 1-10-2009

Christmas Eve 2006 our daughter and husband (married 8 years) and two other guests joined us for dinner at the Bay House. Four of us had wine and strangely my daughter said "Iwant to give you your Christmas gift tonight. We are going to have a baby!" We were delighted as we thought that would never happen. One year later, same table, same waitress, we dined again at the Bay House and this time four month year old Derek was with us. Again a wonderful evening- he was particularly good that night. This year, 2008, they spent Christmas with us in Tucson, but maybe next year it will be a special Christmas Eve again at the Bay House though we may wait until he is a little less exhuberant.

Ron and Traci L. 1-4-2009

We would like to thank the Bay House for such a wonderful experience we had on July 10, 2008. I planned to ask my girlfriend to marry me on that night because it was two years to the date that we had met. I researched the fine dining establishments near Lincoln City via the internet and selected your restaurant. We were seated at a table right in fron of the windows. The ambience that we enjoyed looking out at the bay was spectacular. Shortly there after we were awarded by a sunset that was eye candy. I was amazed at the selection of wines to choose from and the appetizers were a blend of flavors that I would have thought would never mix but were an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The staff was very nice and always attentive but not overbearing. The main course was another experience of culinary delight. The proposal was well accepted by not only my girlfriend but also the waiting staff around us. W were both full but had to try a dessert. It all melted in our mouths and left us wanting to come back on our first anniversary.

Jordan and Lindy S. 12-23-2008

Residents of the Willamette Valley, we found the Bay House by accident late one night while enjoying a brief vacation to the coast to celebrate our fourth anniversary. Both fans of fine dining, with a life goal of dining in the greatest restaurants in the world, we discovered our "first" greatest restaurant unexpectedly, but nonetheless delightedly. The food was exquisite, the view unmatched and Delano's service was the highest caliber of professionalism, courtesy, helpfulness, and knowledge. We now look forward to our Bay House experience as a non negotiable part of every anniversary we celebrate together. Thank you!

Kenneth A. E. 12-21-2008

Mr. Wilson,

It is with great pleasure that I write this note one week after dining at your restaurant, The Bay House. I and my wife Shari hosted our daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Christian, and our 8 month old grandson, Rhys, at dinner. Your hospitality was warm and gracious, your service was excellent, and the food and drinks were delicious. Taking an infant out for formal dining is certainly not advisable. Knowing no one in the community we had no other choice. You made us feel totally welcome, which we greatly appreciated. Our compliments to you and your staff. You have an excellent restaurant which we would recommend to anyone, and will revisit should we ever be back in Lincoln City.

Roxy H. 8-26-2008

Hello Steve,

I had a lovely dinner yesterday at your fine restaurant. My only regret is I didn't leave room for dessert- so I'll be back! Thank you!

Patrick and Peggy L. 6-20-2008

We first found the Bay House on our honeymoon nearly 25 years ago! We were young newlyweds and really didn't know much about fine dining. The desserts and the wine are what we remember best! We visited again on our 6th anniversary and when I told the waiter our story and told him I still had the wooden matchbook, he didn't quite know what to think! He told us it was too bad we didn't have it with us or we would have gotten special dessert. Well...I did have it and when I produced it the fun began! He brought us a FULL plate of desserts (which were devoured with more wine). It was such a fun time. Now we get to celebrate our 25th anniversary in August 2008 and we have reservations on the actual day. We are making a special trip from Idaho to re-create our honeymoon. We can't wait to revisit the Bay House- and we will have that very special wooden matchbook with us! Thanks for letting us share our story. We can't wait to get the oppurtunity to add to our story.

Brett H. 6-17-2008

In June 2005 I had an amazing meal at the Bay House. I had nut encrusted halibut and my boyfriend had the most amazing chicken he had ever tasted. He was a recent culinary graduate from the culinary institute in Portland and he was completely inspired by the delicious food. Even though we were a young couple, our service was amazing and we felt so pampered while enjoying our meal and gazing at the ocean. Later that evening, he proposed to me on the nearby beach. My fiance passed away before we were married, but one of my memories from our seven-year courtship is of that evening at the Bay House. I'm grateful that the food, service, and ambiance was so flawless, so that the evening can always be so prefect in my memory.

Scott R. 5-28-2008

Luci and I want to thank you for a magical evening of stunning views, delectable food, and a house merlot that was outstanding. We chose the Bay House as the finale to the special two days spent on the coast and you did not dissappoint us. The setting was intimate, the atmosphere quiet and romantic and the attentiveness of the staff was nothing but five star quality. While we were not dressed for a night of fine dining, we were treated like royalty. The staff was very professional and accomodating. Even when I called two weeks later to inquire as to the brand of house wine you served, I felt truely appreciated as a customer and a friend. Thank you for making our last night on the coast one of the most memorable.

Dave and Gloria A. 4-30-2008

Hello Steve,

Another GREAT birthday dinner at the Bay House on Sunday night! THANK YOU for the best view table, birthday decorations, memorable service, and outstanding food! (Again...the lamb for me! Sea scallops and rice for my wife.) Your remodeled lounge is awesome.

Best Wishes!

Louis M. 4-6-2008

Hi Steve,

Again, many, many thanks and kudos to you, the chefs, and the entire Bay House staff for a truly excellent dinner and dining experience Friday night. Many of our group had attended the two previous OWB dinners ('04 and '06) at the Bay House and I had many people tell me this dinner was far and away the best! Best food, best, wines, best service, best coordination. Many members commented on your ability to accommodate almost 70 people arriving essentially at once and being served the wine selections and the delicious salad so promptly! Everyone was very pleased with their entrees, whether the fresh salmon, scallops, or elk. (I had the elk which was beautifully done and just excellent. Hope to find that on the menu occasionally.) And the almond cake/olive oil ice cream was a big hit. Thanks again. Judy and I look forward to seeing you as often as possible, and I look forward to working with you on future events and dinners.

John and Pat S. 3-9-2008


Just a short note to let you and your staff know how much we enjoyed our dinner on March 7, 2008 at the Bay House. This was the start of our 21st year in coming to the Bay House and it always seems to just get better! Your new lounge is out of this world (and it also has some mighty fine single-malts). Delano once again did a great job in serving us and the chef, as always, did an amazing job both in flavor and presentation! I am sure that the Bay House will continue to just get better. The Bay House remains our favorite dining establishment on the Washington and Oregon Coast. See you October 10, 2008 same time and table!

Lori R. 2-21-2008

We spent out Valentine's dinner with you. The sunset was perfect, the staff was perfect. Thank you for making our Valentine's evening PERFECT!

Christian and Catherine F. 1-15-2008

My wife Catherine and I traveled along the Oregon Coast in July 2006. We spent one of our nights at the Salishan Resort & Spa in Gleneden beach. During a drink at a bar there, we happened to inquire to the bartender about dining outside the resort. We asked him to suggest a spot nearby for fine dining, preferably along the water. His answer...The Bay House. One town over in Lincoln City. Well...he nearly got it right... it wasn't the best nearby, it is the finest along all of the coast! During our two week tour of Oregon, California, and Washington we made a point to experience some of the finest restaurants each spot had to offer. The Bay House remains as the one we most often tout up as the most pleasurable during our trip. The service was sharp and welcoming, with the staff treating us as old friends. As Bostonians and lovers of fresh seafood, we were overjoyed with the local fare. Everything for the salad greens and their own version of light calamari, to the cleanly shucked oysters and dungeness crab stuffed pacific halibut that really knocked their socks off. In fact, to the chagrin of many Boston restauranteurs who pride themselves on preparing a fresh catch, Catherine still remarks that it was the most delectable seafood dish she has ever had! Lastly, the was everything we were looking for in a romantic coastal dinner. Our view of Siletz Bay at dusk was simply amazing. The restaurant infused a romance and charm we associate so often with Cape Cod, blended with a character, beauty, and elegance befitting her location along the magnificent Oregon Coast. I trust whoever reads this will come away feeling I had more than a positive experience. Thanks for the splendid meal, and a one of a kind evening. We tell everyone we know out east: Travel the Oregon Coast, and when you do, eat dinner at the Bay House. We want everyone to have the same splendid dining experience. Thanks Bay House!

John S. 10-26-2007

Just a short note to thank you and your staff for an excellent candlelight dinner Friday. The Bay House has always been one of our favorite outings. We are really looking forward to next year, dinner at the Bay House, the new wine bar etc.

Thanks again for a wonderful time.

Peter C. 9-28-2007

Dear Steve and staff,

Thank you for a wonderful dining experience of a life time in a world class restaurant. My wife and I will continue to promote your fine establishment.

Susan H. 9-26-2007

My husband and I have been visiting the Oregon Coast and enjoying your restaurant for over 30 years. We have enjoyed your gourmet food and fine wine for birthdaysd, anniversaries, and to treat our family. We had a lovely lunch with you this past August and enjoyed seeing the progress of your new addition. We are always anxious to see what's new on the menu and have never regretted our time spent with you.

Glen M. 7-24-2007

Dear Steve,

I wanted to thank you once again for making my retirement dinner on July 12th at the Bay House such a memorable occasion. The service, ambiance, and food were second to none, and the sunset you ordered for us was spectacular! Everyone in our party of 12 commented about how well everything was managed and each had a comment about how special at least one part of their meal was. Even the two vegetarians were overwhelmed by the special entrees that they were served. You and the staff of the Bay House certainly outdid yourselves on our behalf, and far exceeded our lofty expectations. Thanks again for making our special event that much more so.

Glen M. 07-12-2007

Dear Steve,

I wanted to thank you once again for making my retirement dinner on July 12th at The Bay House such a memorable occasion. The service, ambiance, and food were second to none, and the sunset you ordered for us was spectacular! Everyone in our party of 12 commented about how well everything was managed, and each had a comment about how special at least one part of their own meal was. Even the two vegetarians were overwhelmed by the special entrees that they were served. You and the staff of The Bay House certainly outdid yourselves on our behalf, and far exceeded our lofty expectations. Thanks again for making our special event that much more so!

Leon and Kathleen M. 7-10-2007

We have traveled extensively and dined worldwide but it is the Bay House that we keep going back to. Our anniversary dinner is served here each year and any other excuse to drive 550 miles for dinner at the Bay House. Nothing compares to the welcome service and prefectly prepared and presented dinner. A true dining experience!

John S. 4-2-2007

We have experienced fine dining at the Bay House twice a year for the past twenty plus years. Needless to say we consider the Bay House one of the top dining establishments on the Oregon Coast. We have seen many changes over the past 20 years and it just seems to get better each time. We can hardly wait until our next visit.

Pat and John S. 03-30-2007

We have experienced fine dining at The Bay House twice a year for the past 20 plus years. Just a short 'thank you' for the wonderful dinner that Pat and I had on March 30th. We enjoyed meeting the new Executive Chef, Justin Wills, and the rest of the staff. Delano once again outdid himself as our waiter and it was great to have Mac come over to say 'hi'. Thank you for a wonderful evening of fine wine and dining. As you know, The Bay House is always something special to us when we visit the Oregon Coast.

Needless to say we consider The Bay House one of the top dining establishments on the Oregon Coast. We have seen many changes over the past 20 plus years and it just seems to get better each time. We can hardly wait until our next visit.

Taylor A. 01-07-2007

Thank you so much for a wonderful dinner and dining experience. I entertain clients a ton and I will keep The Bay House at the top of my list. I also appreciated the 40-year Tawny Port. Yummy Yummy! I was amazed at the comparison between the '02 Volnay and the '04 Lange Temperance Hill Pinot Noir!

June C. 12-31-2006

The four of us dined at your lovely restaurant last Thursday evening and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Everything was totally delicious and beautifully served. The Creme Brulee really made the evening special. It was the BEST any of us had EVER tasted, and I'm wondering if you would consider sharing your recipe with us. I have made many, but none has even come close to tasting as good as yours! Thank you!

Duane K. 12-28-2006

We had a great meal! The tenderloin was the best I ever had and our server was excellent! Thanks!

Kathleen K. 11-16-2006

Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your receipe for the Parsnip-Caramelized Apple soup. You are my hero! In fact, I am a novelist, and have been struggling for a name for the man who saves the lady in my next book. I think you just gave it to me... I shall call him "Kevin"! Thank you!

(Kevin is our pantry chef, and apparently our next superhero!)

Mitch & Ewa L. 11-11-2006

We came for lunch on a perfect, sunlit midday, and from the minute we walked in, Stephen made us smile! We were both in a dreamlike state. Perfect service, a perfect meal, perfect ambiance. We literally told Stephen that it was the best lunch we've ever had, and we meant it. An experience we'll both have in our hearts and minds forever. Thanks!

(Ewa is a professional pool player and Mitch is a commentator for ESPN. They joined us during a recent tournament held at the Chinook Winds Casino. It was a treat to have them with us!)

Lynne 4-30-2006

I arrived. I dined in splendor. I reveled in flavors, textures, aromas and people... I fell in love and have been going there ever since!

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